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Hi, I'm Serena and here's some info about me!

I was was born in Calgary, Alberta, but I mostly grew up on Vancouver Island. I've been into photography since I was little kid. I'd take my small point and shoot everywhere and take hundreds of photos; I was so obsessed that I'd dress my pets up to do photo shoots with them! To this day I still take hundreds of personal photos per month that you can view in my photo blog,

but I also work professionally to capture amazing moments

for others to enjoy and love.

A huge part of my passion for photography comes from the visual arts world.

I have earned my BFA in visual arts at UVic with a heavy focus in digital and film photography. My work is heavily influenced by the nature of the island and local artists. I've had the opportunity to display and sell works in commercial galleries and smaller artists’ run pop up shows on the island.

My boyfriend Ty with our orange cat Oscar!

Me in my natural habitat!

Our beloved Oscar!

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